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Smile, roar with laughter, with Style’White

Chic CosmeticsTake care of yourself


Style'White - Osez sourire !

Enhance Your Smile

With dental cosmetics, taking care of your teeth is not just a hygiene gesture. Teeth have become as precious as hair and skin. Daring to smile is to emphasize one’s smile, to highlight it like you apply makeup to your eyes.

The Style’White gel brings the well-being and the efficiency of a renewable cosmetic care product. It allows to get back or maintain the whiteness of your smile by achieving 1 to 5 shades. The tooth is gently lightened thanks to a formula which is guaranteed peroxide free.

Nowadays, teeth beauty implies respecting teeth; and respecting teeth means teeth beauty.

In the past, when it was found in very high level in tooth whitening products, the hydrogen peroxide would allow to significantly reduce the stains and colorations of the tooth by oxidizing the dark molecules.

As a result, the more the teeth were whitened, the weaker they would get, with the risks of gums’  necroses, burns…

Hydrogen peroxide belongs to the past!

The Style’White gel is guaranteed hydrogen peroxide free. It does not contain sodium perborate either, another chemical compound which can produce peroxide.

Further to a European Directive (2011/84/EU of 20 September 2011) applied since October 2012, the hydrogen peroxide is limited to 0,1% in over-the-counter whitening products, and to up to 6% in treatments performed by dentists.

EclecticSmiling, a way of life


They talk about it… With a smile

Useful, glamorous, seductive, fresh, joyful, compelling, discreet, predatory, free, everyone has his/her own smile.


Why smile? To enhance one’s image, to build confidence, to blossom in one’s social or professional life, to go out, seduce, to feel good in the company of others or just to feel good about oneself.

Nowadays, having a beautiful smile is useful, attractive, generous… It is also unimportant, playful and selfish!

Femme fatale, househusband, student, parent, future bride, older lady, starlet, ambitious youngster … Show the smile in you!

Just to smile about it

Style'White - Histoire d'en sourire - Mery

The actress, Mery, 30 years oldFor a deadly smile

Mery is from Australia. She is an actress: «It is really very important for me to have a beautiful smile in front of the camera and Style’White allowed me to perfect it ». You don’t doubt that for a second when admiring her bright smile.

The puckish, Clara, 40 years oldI feel better about myself

Clara is a sales person. Since she has been applying this gel so «simple to use», she has realized that her nice smile made her more confident and that her customers were «more receptive». A confidence that reaches the target.

Style'White - Histoire d'en sourire - Caro

Style'White - Histoire d'en sourire - Marie

The fiancée, Marie, 25 years oldFor the perfect day

Marie is delighted to have tried this product. She is seriously contemplating using it on her wedding day. On the D-day, her smile must be as perfect as her dress, her bun or her makeup. Her future spouse and her guests will most likely be pleased about it.

The young lady, Zoé, 20 years oldTo be attractive

Since she discovered this product, Zoé has been using it regularly. She does so « to go out, to be attractive ». She then recommended it to a few female friends and even to a male friend! « They all loved it ». In fact, when she whitens her teeth at home, it’s almost as if she were doing her hair or having a manicure.

Style'White - Histoire d'en sourire - Zoé

Style'White - Histoire d'en sourire - Richard

The handsome guy, Richard, 30 years oldA successful casting

Richard is from Scotland and a dancer in Paris. He knows how essential his smile is when he is on stage. One day, a Casting Director asked him his secret to have such white teeth. Richard is convinced of it: «it is partly thanks to my smile that I got the job! ».

PracticalComfort and simplicity


The Style’ White gel is practical and efficient


Using it is a gesture as simple and rapid as applying a haircare product or a body cream.

Ten minutes is how long it will take you for each application. The time to send a few SMS, to listen to the news on the radio, to practice a small morning gym exercise or to apply your nail polish.

A visible result if it is repeated 4 to 5 times within 24h, for tooth whitening ranging from 1 to 5 shades.

For even more efficiency, it is recommended to carry on the applications, one after the other.

The Style’White Kit contains:

  • 1 20ml-tube of whitening gel with a light menthol flavor (valid for 4 to 5 applications)
  • 1 soft and anatomical gutter made of silicone
  • 1 light emitting diode (LED), with a battery, which activates the process by enlarging the pores of the tooth enamel
  • 1 color chart to measure the progression of your tooth lightening
Precautions for use

The natural color of teeth varies depending on the individuals. Besides, the teeth take a darker color with age and with some habits such as the consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, red fruits, etc.

The efficiency of the Style’White Kit will be all the more extended if its use is accompanied by a good dental hygiene. Before any application of the tooth whitening gel, it is recommended to do a checkup at the dentist, who will in particular verify the absence of dental cavities to be treated if necessary.

Lastly, beware of the crowns, false teeth, porcelain veneers or other visible composite materials: they do not get lighter contrary to vital teeth and you risk obtaining a color contrast.

Do not use in pregnant women and in children and teenagers under the age of 18.

UniqueA French team invents dental cosmetics

The adventure started in 2011 when a new European Directive on the use of peroxide in whitening products caused a real shock in the sector. The smile bars, provided by manufacturers, most of whom are Americans or Chinese, and whose products are full of peroxide, were forced to close down. Even before the French legislation was put in place, all the distributors of whitening gel who use the same suppliers had to destroy their stocks.

At the time, Stéphane Bochenek, one of the founders of the Style’ White brand, had been a consultant for two years in a company that was developing and selling a whitening gel on the Internet. Its products were also removed.

The areas are clearly defined: the whitening process as a medical treatment will from now on be the responsibility of the dentist who can use up to 6% peroxide. Over-the-counter products are considered cosmetic products providing they do not contain over 0,1% peroxide.

Cosmetics. Stéphane Bochenek, a passionate entrepreneur who likes to combine aesthetics and innovation, did not miss this word. A few years earlier, he created the brand Smart Penbook, notebooks with integrated pen, all made with recycled and biodegradable cardboard. A really elegant and original object, custom-made, manufactured in the customer’s image. In this way, Stéphane dressed on his notebooks the Christian Dior Museum, the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Gaudi Museum of Barcelona or the Galeries Lafayette, the Bon Marché, the Aéroports de Paris…

The Birth of Style’ White

In the face of the inaction of his co-workers trapped in the peroxide storm, he created in November 2011, with two partners, Christophe Sauvaget, a mass-market retailing specialist, and Emmanuel Itié, Sales and Production Director, a new company which establishes its headquarters in the heart of Paris, on the Champs-Élysées.

Stéphane Bochenek anticipated the new regulation on peroxide. He met world renowned searcher that he convinced to develop a gel meeting the new requirements.

The three partners, pleased with this new formula, the first in this area, registered the patent in December 2012. The Style’White formula was born.

Bold Gamble

For our team, manufacturing this new gel on French territory is self-evident. This strategic choice ensures them a real quality control of the product. So there will be a laboratory and two packaging centers, all located in the Paris area.

The adventure does not end there. The goal is to make the gel accessible to as many people as possible. It is then necessary to turn towards hypermarkets to distribute it. Another big gamble: convince the industry buyers about an unknown and even controversial type of product. A gamble which paid off thanks to the gel’s certified quality and to the vitality of a tight team with complementary skills. The long experience of Christophe Sauvaget, former Sales Director of a major brand, that of Emmanuel Itié in the production logistics, both combined with the innovative energy of Stéphane Bochenek will form a real strike force.

The daring enterprise obtained the distributors’ trust and, as from December 2013, won its place in a lot of supermarkets. Nowadays, Style’White is present in more than 350 stores in France. Many signatures are under way. Tomorrow, the international…


Company founded in 2011, it is the only French manufacturer of the new generation of tooth whitening gel.



Smile for everyone

Kit Style'White

The Style’White Kit

The Style’White kit is waiting for you in your supermarket, with a smile.

Average Price: € 34,9



Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes soaked in toothpaste gel with a mint aroma and abrasive properties. They allow to clean your teeth and keep a fresh breath after a meal at the restaurant, a coffee and cigarette break, at the office, while travelling…

Average Price: € 4, 20 per box of ten wipes


Refreshing Brush

It is applied directly on the teeth. Its mint aroma refreshes the breath. It also maintains the smile’s whiteness.

Average Price: € 13, 90

Kit Recharge Style’White

Gel Refill

It allows to make your kit last.

Average Price: € 16,90

Available in supermarkets







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