Style’WHITE ©

The story of an innovative product 100% MADE IN FRANCE !

The adventure began in 2011 with the appearance of a new European directive governing the use of peroxide in bleaching products. Clearly delimiting the medical field from that of cosmetics, we are witnessing a real earthquake in the dental sector.

It was then that Style’WHITE ® was born. Faced with the current stagnation in the market, with the creation of a new gel that meets the effective requirements, the brand is establishing itself all over the world with the ambition of making its solution accessible to as many people as possible.

Style’WHITE ® is the meeting of the know-how of several French partners, with expertise in the development of oral hygiene gels and the teeth whitening process (for more than 20 years).

Style’WHITE ® is also the brand of an R&D laboratory and a global health innovation that has become of public utility following the COVID 19 pandemic. In the global and essential beauty and health market, cosmetics dental care is part of a growing curve in a booming sector …


Our expertise

Our experience and our vision of dental cosmetics made in France are our strength in the market.

We are a French brand existing for several years. The only one to have positioned itself as a CHIC ET GLAMOR dental cosmetics brand.


Style’WHITE © gel brings the well-being and effectiveness of a renewable cosmetic care, nomadic but above all effective.


It’s as quick and easy as applying a hair treatment or moisturizer.


Brand founded in 2013, French design and manufacture of teeth whitening gel or new generation micro-encapsulated wipes.


A gel with 100% natural extracts, developed by dental surgeons, patented and made in France, a revolutionary wipe that incorporates nanotechnology, and a refreshing brush.


Our products are mobile solutions that can be used anywhere that are economical for a customer. (Before an appointment, after a meal or a break…)

Enhance your smile!

With dental cosmetics, taking care of your teeth is not just a gesture of hygiene. His teeth have become as precious as his hair and skin. Dare to smile is to highlight your smile, underline it as you put makeup on your eyes.

Style’WHITE © gel brings the well-being and effectiveness of a renewable cosmetic treatment. It allows you to find or maintain the whiteness of your smile by gaining 1 to 5 shades. The tooth is lightened gently thanks to a guaranteed formula without peroxide.

Today, the beauty of the teeth is the respect of the teeth and the respect of the teeth is the beauty of the teeth.


NOMADIC a simple, easy and quick solution.

40-60 minutes of cure over 24 hours (4-6 sessions of 10 minutes)
Sufficient to naturally whiten teeth.

COMFORTABLE (painless and not dangerous for oral health)

PLEASANT  balanced formulation with a SENSATION in the mouth of freshness and softness for the enamel

FREEDOM (without time constraints, use while watching TV, in the bath, working on your computer, reading the newspaper…)

PRIVACY and WELL-BEING at home   AFFORDABLE  price accessible to all

WHY «Dare to smile with Style'WHITE © !» ?

Patented French gel (and not imported from the United States or China with different legislations).

Good dental hygiene is recommended by the WHO which states that good oral health helps the well-being of general health.

Feeling handsome and daring to smile is beauty’s new gesture.

Laboratory, suppliers (raw materials) and productions MADE IN FRANCE, we are partners in the disabled world… ESAT, CAT.

FRUIT and PLANT based solution (cleans the surface without damaging the gums or the porosity of the enamel unlike a medical device which uses a process that dilutes the oxygen bubbles in the enamel to reach the dentin to whiten it).