Creativity in the service of innovation and the search for excellence are at the heart of our values and our DNA.
The expertise of our laboratory in the creation of several patented formulations of Teeth Whitening gel is recognized.

The effectiveness of our gels has been scientifically proven clinically by outside laboratories.

We have endeavored to cultivate our difference with the Style’WHITE © brand, whose marketing is based on its strong visual identity (The mouth), by adopting the #tendance & #lifestyle codes, to address the emerging dental whitening market from 2013 .

We are the inventors of the 1st revolutionary dental wipe with nanomicrocaps technology.

We own our gel and wipe patents which are registered in 75 countries.

Following the pandemic, our 2021 innovations will focus on public utility health in order to adapt to a changing world.



Most teeth whitening gels contain harmful peroxide or sodium perborate, which rely on oxygen radicals (harmful to health) to achieve the whitening effect.

We chose the option, “100% NATURAL FRUIT and PLANT EXTRACTS”

Our gel is an exclusive combination of 100% natural enzymes.

Our process uses ingredients purchased in France:

  • Carbonate free radicals which are a mixture of salt and limestone. They react with sodium bicarbonate to release bleaching ions which act on the SURFACE of the tooth.
  • Xylitol (extracted from birch bark, cane and coconut pulp) is a natural sugar alcohol antibacterial that helps prevent cavities from developing, disinfects and freshens breath.
  • Aloe Vera or coconut with cleansing & softening properties helps fight against gingivitis.
  • Pomegranate skin for its stain removal powers.
  • Lemon for its naturally abrasive effect.
  • Mint for its taste.
  • Chamomile which softens the gum.

Most teeth whitening gels argue over…. of colors won … => NOT Style’WHITE ©!

We are a cosmetic device using the miniaturization of a process performed in a dental office.

We were the subject of 2 studies of “customer tests carried out in the clinic”
Some patients gained up to 5 shades and others (with teeth already white) gained 1 shade. => the result varies between an average of 2.7 and 2.82 shades of won (before – after use)

Style’WHITE © is registered with the EUROPEAN CPNP PORTAL as a brand of French manufacturer of teeth whitening gel

Developed by dental surgeons, the Style’WHITE © kit does not replace teeth whitening at a dentist and does not whiten implants or false teeth.

Our advice : Style’WHITE © is a quick solution for lightening the color of your teeth at home which is carried out after validation from your dentist who considers that your oral health allows it!



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